Microsoft Word Introductory Course

Embark on a journey to master the fundamentals of MS Word

This course serves as an introductory guide to Microsoft Word, the industry-standard word processing software. Whether you are new to Word or need a refresher, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to the software’s primary features and capabilities.

Getting Started with Word

  1. Overview of Microsoft Office Suite
  2. Launching and closing Word
  3. Understanding the Word interface

Document Basics

  1. Creating, saving, and opening documents
  2. Document navigation techniques
  3. Basic text entry and selection methods

Formatting Text

  1. Font types, sizes, and colors
  2. Applying bold, italics, underline, and other text effects
  3. Text alignment and line spacing

Working with Paragraphs and Lists

  1. Sorting and filtering data
  2. Bullet and numbered lists
  3. Indents and tab settings
  4. Paragraph alignment and spacing

Document Design and Layout

  1. Page orientation and size
  2. Setting margins and page breaks
  3. Using headers, footers, and page numbers

Reviewing and Proofreading

  1. Using spell check and grammar check
  2. Leveraging the thesaurus and word count tools
  3. Tracking changes and adding comments

Collaboration and Sharing

  1. Sharing documents via email and cloud services

Printing and Exporting

  1. Print preview and settings
  2. Saving documents as PDFs or other formats
  3. Adjusting print layouts

Tips and Shortcuts

  1. Navigation
  2. Selection
  3. Formatting
  4. Document Management
  5. Miscellaneous Tips

Who Should Attend

This course is ideal for beginners with little to no experience in Microsoft Word, or for those looking to brush up on the basics. It's suitable for students, professionals, and anyone wishing to enhance their word processing skills.


None. However, having basic computer skills will be beneficial.


By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Master basic document creation, formatting, and editing.
  2. Understand document design principles for professional presentation.
  3. Utilize reviewing and proofreading tools effectively.
  4. Collaborate with others and share documents securely.
  5. Print and export documents efficiently in various formats.