Microsoft Word Intermediate Course

This course builds on basic Microsoft Word skills, focusing on advanced features and techniques for creating professional documents efficiently.

Styles and Formatting

  1. Utilize built-in styles like, for consistent formatting throughout your document.
  2. Customize styles to match your document’s requirements by modifying font, size, color, spacing, etc.
  3. Use the Format Painter tool to quickly apply formatting from one section to another.


  1. Create tables to organize data neatly.
  2. Merge and split cells as needed to customize your table layout.
  3. Use table styles for a professional look or customize the formatting to match your document’s design.

Headers and Footers

  1. Insert headers and footers to add consistent information such as page numbers, document title, author name, etc.
  2. Customize headers and footers for different sections of your document if necessary.

Sections and Page Layout

  1. Divide your document into sections for better control over formatting (e.g., different headers/footers, margins, page orientation, etc.).
  2. Change page orientation within the same document (e.g., portrait and landscape) using section breaks.

Images and Graphics

  1. Insert images and graphics to enhance your document.
  2. Use text wrapping options to control how text flows around images.
  3. Crop, resize, and position images for better visual appeal.

Advanced Formatting Techniques

  1. Use columns to create newspaper-style layouts or to organize content effectively.
  2. Apply drop caps to the beginning of paragraphs for a decorative touch.
  3. Utilize text boxes for special emphasis or to highlight important information.

Review and Collaboration

  1. Track changes and comments when collaborating on a document with others.
  2. Use the Review tab to accept or reject changes, reply to comments, and manage document revisions effectively.

Tables of Contents and Indexes

  1. Generate and customize tables of contents or indexes automatically.

Document Protection

  1. Protect the document with passwords, restrict editing, and manage permissions as needed.

Who Should Attend

Individuals familiar with basic Microsoft Word functionality seeking to enhance their skills. Professionals looking to create professional documents more efficiently. Students or academics requiring advanced document formatting and citation management.


Participants should have a basic understanding of Microsoft Word functionalities including text editing, formatting, and basic document layout.


This intermediate Microsoft Word course aims to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed to create professional, well-formatted documents efficiently, thereby enhancing their productivity and effectiveness in various personal and professional contexts.